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Players Online (14)

Gabeitch SMN 70 Rank 10 Misareaux Coast
Hunken SMN 68 Rank 10 Misareaux Coast
Kirito THF 75 Rank 6 Windurst Woods
Limited THF 73 Rank 4 Cape Teriggan
Loki SMN 70 Rank 10 Misareaux Coast
Megahash MNK 75 Rank 7 Yughott Grotto
Mirrha PLD 71 Rank 10 Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Sarameya THF 57 Rank 3 Crawlers Nest
Sir SMN 70 Rank 10 Misareaux Coast
Sophia RDM 57 Rank 3 Crawlers Nest
Terahash WHM 75 Rank 6 Yughott Grotto
Thungphung PLD 66 Rank 10 Misareaux Coast
Tirrha RDM 75 Rank 6 Wajaom Woodlands
Vale SMN 70 Rank 10 Misareaux Coast

Recent Achievements

Sarameya completed Limit Break 2. Sep.21
Sophia completed Limit Break 2. Sep.21
Limited completed Limit Break 5. Sep.21
Limited completed the Thief artifact set. Sep.21
Zirrha completed Limit Break 3. Sep.21
Zirrha attained Rank 4 with San d'Oria. Sep.21
Zirrha attained level 60 as a Black Mage. Sep.20
Itzcal completed a Relic Weapon. Sep.20
Kuja attained level 75 as a Summoner. Sep.20
Neit attained level 40 as a Dragoon. Sep.20
Kuja attained level 70 as a Summoner. Sep.20
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Recent Auction History

Item Sell Date Seller Buyer Price
Pineal Hat Sep 21 - 08:50 CST Terahash AHO 4,100
Ram Horn x12 Sep 21 - 08:43 CST Kuja Kirito 9,600
Silver Earring Sep 21 - 08:43 CST AHO Kirito 1,000
Silver Ingot Sep 21 - 08:40 CST AHO Kirito 2,000
Beetle Jaw x12 Sep 21 - 08:32 CST AHO Kirito 7,200
Beetle Shell x12 Sep 21 - 08:26 CST AHO Kirito 2,400
Cursed Cap Sep 21 - 08:18 CST Itzcal AHO 10,000
Noct Doublet Sep 21 - 08:02 CST Donthejeweler AHO 19,956
Soil Ring Sep 21 - 07:30 CST Kuja AHO 44,999
Byrnie Sep 21 - 06:42 CST Terahash AHO 29,000