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Recent Achievements

Salem attained level 20 as a Ninja. Aug.07
Coldbones attained level 60 as a Thief. Aug.06
Fatsu reached Job Mastery 5 as a Warrior. Aug.06
Badb attained level 75 as a Black Mage. Aug.06
Aziagora attained 100 titles. Aug.06
Aziagora attained level 60 as a Puppetmaster. Aug.06
Aziagora attained level 50 as a Puppetmaster. Aug.06
Kujoa attained level 30 as a Ninja. Aug.05
Hisoka attained level 70 as a Monk. Aug.05
Aziagora attained level 40 as a Puppetmaster. Aug.05