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Recent Achievements

Elmy attained level 50 as a Black Mage. Oct.23
Newgate attained level 20 as a Puppetmaster. Oct.23
Newgate attained level 10 as a Puppetmaster. Oct.23
Fatsu reached Job Mastery 4 as a Beastmaster. Oct.23
Newgate unlocked the advanced job, Puppetmaster. Oct.23
Elmy unlocked the advanced job, Puppetmaster. Oct.23
Leetz reached Job Mastery 3 as a Dark Knight. Oct.23
Mango found 22 treats during the Harvest Festival. Oct.23
Palms attained level 50 as a White Mage. Oct.23
Elmy attained level 40 as a Black Mage. Oct.23