About Highwind XI

What makes a game fun? Is it the storyline? Maybe it's the graphic appeal. Some people think games are fun when they're easy and others when the game is really hard. Some think a game fun when it rarely changes through its life, staying the same and catering to "veteran" players. There are players who think a free to play game is fun purely because it's free. Whatever the reason a game is considered fun, Highwind XI wants to try to meet those desires.

Highwind XI is different from other servers as it truly focuses on the player's overall experience by providing more content in a quicker fashion. A lot of aspects of gameplay are sped up to help players work through some of the grind of the game to gain some of those quests and equipment they might otherwise never see. While some character enhancements exist, please expect many of the challenges to remain intact though! You may get to 75 quicker, and you may even get some really decent gear faster than normal, but it doesn't mean you're going to be soloing Fafnir anytime soon!

We aspire to be a popular server where random players become a community. We are constantly listening to our players and we welcome the suggestions and feedback. We cannot grow any larger without them so we beg for our players to speak up.

We trust you'll enjoy your time played on Highwind XI.