New Player Perks

Starting a new character on Highwind XI?

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to visit! We know that beginning a new character can be overwhelming to some and tedious to others. We want to welcome you, and most importantly, we want to help you get on your feet!

How Does it Work?

Using our website and a select set of tools built into the game, we'll grant some one-time-use perks to gain some quick levels, crafts, gear and currency. Highwind XI already drives players into content faster; these perks will give you a leaping head start!

Instant Lv 37 Basic Job

Instantly level 1 non-advanced job up to level 37. Includes respective spells and abilities.

Set of Moderate Gear

Instantly obtain a set of gear for a basic job of your choice. Includes: head, body, hands, legs, feet.

Instant Nation Rank 3

Instantly rank up to Rank 3 in your current nation.

One of Three Subjob Items

Instantly obtain the Magicked Skull and Bloody Robe items needed for either subjob quest.

Instant Lv 40 Craft

Instantly level one of any craft up to crafting skill 40.

Conquest Points

Instantly receive 25,000 Conquest Points.

Main Weapon

Instantly receive a main weapon for a basic job; you may choose the skill. Includes respective weapon skill to level 37.

I'm Ready! What Now?

Great! Let's dive in and get you caught up!