Chocobo Circuit

We're Off to the Races!

Whether you enjoy riding a chocobo through the open fields or watching talented racers whip around the corners on these fast-as-lightning birds, the Chocobo Circuit is here to give you the entertainment you're after! The Chocobo Circuit here at Highwind XI has undergone a bit of a redesign. In the past, adventurers were not allowed to race the chocobos themselves; instead, they would bet on professional racers and watch the race from the grandstands. That concept is no more! Adventurers are the star of the show now and will compete against other players to claim victory, chocobucks and amazing rewards!

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Meet the Requirements

How to Get Started

Visit a Chocobo Circuit Gate in Bastok Mines (J-9), Southern San d'Oria (H-11), Windurst Woods (K-12), Port Jeuno (J-8) or Aht Urghan Whitegate (G-6).

How to Join a Race

After meeting the requirements and finding your way to the Chocobo Circuit, you may acquire a Grandstand Pass and purchase Chocobo Tickets from Khatri (H-9) and Luca (H-9) in the main lobby. After obtaining a Chocobo Ticket, speak with Michaela (H-10) in the southern hall to sign up for the next race up to 15 minutes before the next race begins. As many as 6 racers can go head-to-head. Lastly, speak with Adrian (H-10) to line up for the race up to 5 minutes before the race begins.

During the Race

At the beginning of each race, racers will be lined up on a chocobo at the starting line with the effect of "Weight." When this effect expires, the race will begin! Racers will make 2 laps counter-clockwise around the track. During the race, your chocobo will gain and lose speed depending on your chocobo's overall stamina. Going too far off the track, or completely out of bounds, will result in a penalty. Be sure to stay on the track. After 2 laps have been completed, you will automatically dismount and will need to wait for all racers to finish. Once all racers have crossed the finish line or the 10-minute time limit has completed, all racers will automatically be sent back to the Chocobo Circuit lobby.

After the Race

After being sent back to the Chocobo Circuit lobby, view your results and collect your winnings by speaking with Cyril (H-9), found directly next to you where you enter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the following carefully before contacting a Highwind XI team member.

Can I race against my alternate accounts?

No. Once of your accounts has signed up for a race, the attendants will not allow your alternate accounts to sign up for the same race.

How often can I join a race?

At this time, races run every 30 minutes, specifically at the x:00 and x:30 times. There are no restrictions for how many races a player can join.

I did not receive my Chocobucks after completing a race.

Feel free to report the issue to our leaders on Discord. If we are able to verify that a reward was due and not given, your reward will be issued as soon as possible. If unable to verify, a new race will need to be had.

My chocobo got stuck during a race.

At this time, no compensation will be made available for getting stuck.

I'm stuck and the race is over.

If a race has ended and you've lost your Battlefield status icon, you can use "!race" to return to the lobby. At this time, no compensation will be made available for getting stuck.

Something isn't working right.

Let Highwind know as soon as possible. He can't fix what he does not know is broken.