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The vast majority of crafting works as it should. Some things are a bit different though!

Capping Your Skills

  • Cooking and Fishing may both be leveled to 100.
  • You may choose 2 additional skills that can also be leveled to 100.
  • All other skills will be capped at 60. *

* A known issue exists where you may be able to continue skilling up after level 60. We expect players to watch their skills, understanding that they know what level their others skills are at. Players will not be re-embursed lost time or items when the server updates and lowers your skill back down to 60.

Available Recipe List

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Fishing on Highwind XI

Fishing skillups are a little different here. Rather than skilling up during the act of fishing, you are giving skillup points when you show off your catches. Think you have what it takes? Go see Pattel Bachel in Port Windurst (C-8) for further details.

Crafting Torques

Torques are available by killing the appropriate HNM.

Craft HNM
Alchemy Khimera
Bonecraft Aspidochelone
Clothcraft Cerberus
Cooking King Behemoth
Goldsmithing Hydra
Leathercraft Vrtra
Smithing Tiamat
Woodworking Nidhogg

The Master Crafter

A mysterious figure has been seen in Ru'Lude Gardens claiming to be a Master Crafter, able to craft any item you wish. View more details!