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Daily & Weekly Quests

In dire need of help, Joachim is reaching out to all adventurers to help him recover something of great value that he has lost. This has been no easy task and will likely take some time to accomplish. Every day, new quests will be offered to help him in his time of need, allowing adventurers to make a little something in return.

Meet the Requirements

  • Level 50 job

How to Start the Quest

Speak with Joachim in Port Jeuno (H-8).

Daily Quests

Every day, Joachim will offer a new set of quests, offering different rewards based on the task completed.

Types of Daily Quests

  • Monster slaying rewarding gil
  • Item collecting rewarding exp
  • Errand running rewarding various items
  • Battlefield victories rewarding Beastmen's & Kindred's Seals

Weekly Quests

Every week, Joachim will offer a new quest to be completed before the week's end. These tasks typically require parties.

Types of Weekly Quests

  • Dynamis victory rewarding ancient currency
  • Limbus victory rewarding ancient beastcoins

Daily Streaks

Every consecutive day that you complete all the available daily quests, your streak will increase. This will help increase your Daily Level.

Daily Level

Your Daily Level helps determine the rewards you get when completing daily quests. The higher your Daily Level, the better your rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the following carefully before contacting a Highwind XI team member.

How many quests are offered each day?

At this time, 4 daily quests are offered each day and 1 weekly quest is offered each week.

I forgot to turn my dailies in yesterday. Can I turn them in today?

Yes you can! In fact, Joachim will let you turn in your last set of dailies and allow you to pick up the new set. However, please keep in mind that if you talk to Joachim without having completed your dailies from the previous day, he will reset your progress to begin the new quests for the new day.

Something isn't working right.

Let Highwind know as soon as possible. He can't fix what he does not know is broken.