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Einherjar Details

Einherjar, meaning "army of one" or "those who fight alone", is a battlefield event which occurs in the Hazhalm Testing Grounds. The ultimate goal is to gain entry to Valgrind and defeat the dark rider Odin.

The testing grounds are divided into three separate wings, with each wing consisting of three large chambers. Each chamber houses a horde of enemies and a boss-type character known as a Guardian of Asgarth. All the monsters in a chamber must be defeated within a certain time limit to clear the area. Once the three chambers in Wing I have been cleared, the path to Wing II will open. Only after all three wings have been cleared will players be given the opportunity to enter Valgrind and learn the secret the forbidden chamber holds.

Entry Requirements

  • Access to Aht Urhgan region
  • Level 60 or higher
  • Maximum of 18 players allowed entry

How to Gain Entry

  1. Obtain a Smouldering Lamp
  2. Create a Reservation
    • Trading a Smouldering Lamps to the Entry Gate in the Hazhalm Testing Grounds will open a dialogue with several options, including the option to reserve a particular chamber. Upon making the chamber reservation, the Smouldering Lamps will be replaced with a Glowing Lamp.
    • Reservations for Wing 1 (chambers 1-3) have no restrictions.
    • Reservations for Wings 2 and 3 (chambers 4-6 and 7-9) require one of the following qualifications:
    • Reserving player possesses all feathers from each chamber of all prior wings.
    • Reserving player possesses the Mark of the Einherjar key item.
    • Reservations for Valgrind, the final wing, require both of the following qualifications:
    • Reserving player possesses all feathers from each chamber of all prior wings.
    • All players entering will need at least one feather from each of the three wings.
    • Reservations last 30 minutes from the moment they are made.
    • The time reflected on a Glowing Lamp is not functional.
    • Only one chamber may be active at a time. If another party occupies any chamber, you will need to wait for that party to finish. Their time remaining will be reflected when attempting to trade a Smouldering Lamp.
  3. Distributing Glowing Lamps
    • Using a Glowing Lamp will create a replica of itself. These replicas can be bazaared or traded to other players, in or outside your party. An unlimited amount of Glowing Lamps can be replicated; however, entry into the reserved chamber is limited to 18.
  4. Entering a Chamber
    • To enter a reserved chamber, trade your Glowing Lamp to the Entry Gate and select "yes" from the options.

Inside the Battlefield

  • Players need to be in the same party or alliance in order to participate.
  • Upon clearing the chamber, an Armoury Crate will appear and players will have 5 minutes to lot on items regardless of the amount of time remaining. However, the Armoury Crate must be opened prior to the original expiration time.
  • All players inside the battlefield will be given the respective feather key item upon opening the Armoury Crate.

Leaving the Battlefield

  • Players who leave the battlefield for any reason prior to completion and prior to time running out will not be allowed re-entry and will not be rewarded.
  • Players may re-enter after 20 Earth hours have passed. Players with the Rhapsody of Banana key item may re-enter after 1 Earth hour.
  • Players may check their time remaining for re-entry by examining the Entry Gate in Hazhalm Testing Grounds.
  • If all players in an active battlefield remain KO'd for more than 3 minutes, everyone will be teleported out of the battlefield.
  • Leaving the battlefield prior to completion and forfeiting a reward may result from the following:
  • KO and returning to Home Point
  • Teleporting or warping via spell
  • Leaving the battlefield prior to completion and still receiving a reward may result from the following:
  • Dropping your Glowing Lamp
  • Being teleported out of the battlefield due to all participants being KO'd for 3 minutes
  • Time expiration

Einherjar Wings & Enemies


With the exception of Valgrind, monster appearances in Einherjar are randomly chosen from a set unique to each wing. See the Einherjar Wing sections for more information on possible monsters and bosses.

Special Monsters

While fighting in the first three wings, one of four special monsters will appear at some point during your battle. Defeating (or not defeating) the monster will have one of several effects as listed below. Heithrun is significantly rarer than the other three.

Name Type Effect Gained After Defeating
Muninn Dark Bird Weakens remaining and additional monsters in the chamber.
Huginn Red Bird Creates a chest containing many temporary items.
Saehrimnir Tiger Until defeated, monsters in the chamber become stronger.
Heithrun Sheep Increases the drop rates of items in the Armoury Crate after clearing the chamber.

Einherjar Wings

Wing 1
Grimgerde's Chamber Rossweisse's Chamber Siegrune's Chamber
Wing 2
Helmwige's Chamber Schwertleite's Chamber Waltraute's Chamber
Wing 3
Brunhilde's Chamber Gerhilde's Chamber Ortlinde's Chamber
Odin's Chamber