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Job Mastery

A system designed for players who either can't get enough of that leveling grind or for players who truly want to master a specific job. Advancing your Job Mastery level allows a player to reset a level 75 job of their choice back to level 1 in exchange for a permanent boost to their stats for that job selected. Each time you quest through another Job Mastery level, you are given another boost in your base stats.

Meet the Requirements

In order to be eligible for this quest, you must have completed enough content within Vana'diel to deem yourself worthy as well as level 75 in the job of your choice.

How to Start the Quest

Speak with Isacio in Selbina (G-10).

What is Lost?

  • Choice job will be reset to level 1
  • Experience for choice job reset to 0
  • Experience point rewards reduced by 10% per Job Mastery level

What is Gained?

  • All base stats increased by 3 per Job Mastery level
  • HP & MP increased by 3% per Job Mastery level

Other Areas Effected

  • Missions, quests, inventory, keyitems, spells, abilities, weaponskills, merits, merited stats, crafts and other similar topics remain untouched after resetting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the following carefully before contacting a Highwind XI team member.

How many Job Mastery levels are there?

At this time, you may reach Job Mastery level 5; you are able to reset each job 5 times.

I am level 75 and the quest doesn't start for me.

You have not likely completed enough content. Try diving into other things that Vana'diel has to offer first.

I changed my mind and want my job back to 75.

This will not be an option.

Something isn't working right.

Let Highwind know as soon as possible. He can't fix what he does not know is broken.