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Limit Break: Rebirth

Revised: Apr 7th, 2020

A system designed especially for players who can't get enough of the leveling grind and have capped themselves at the top. Advancing your Rebirth level allows for a player to reset all of their jobs back to level 1 and experience back to 0.

Meet the Requirements

In order to be eligible for this quest, you must have all available jobs leveled to 75. Other requirements may be necessary within the quest itself.

How to Start the Quest

Speak with Iroha in Ru'Lude Gardens (F-9).

What is Lost?

  • All 18 jobs reset to level 1
  • Experience for all 18 jobs reset to 0

What is Gained?

  • Rebirth Prime Achievement

Other Areas Effected

  • Missions, quests, inventory, keyitems, spells, abilities, weaponskills, merits, merited stats, crafts and other similar topics remain untouched after resetting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the following carefully before contacting a Highwind XI team member.

How many Rebirth levels are there?

You may Rebirth as many times as you would like.

I have bested Maat on all jobs, but not quite 75. Does that count?

It does not. The quest specifically checks to see if you have all jobs leveled to 75.

I changed my mind and want my jobs back.

Speak with Iroha again to begin a new quest to undo your Rebirth.

Something isn't working right.

Let Highwind know as soon as possible. He can't fix what he does not know is broken.